Looped: engages in time. Video Art Exhibition for the University of Miami CAS Gallery. September, 2006.
Coral Gables, Florida.

Domino Spinners. Video Art Exhibition for EdgeZones Art Gallery, Miami, FL for the events of Art Basel Miami - December, 2007.

First Multicultural Caucus Video Screenings. SPE National Conference Denver, Colorado March 2008

SPRAWL at Victory Park Screens. Digital Media Art and Video. Curated by Carola Dreidemie, co-curated with Christine Shank.
For the SPE National in Dallas, TX 2009

Second Multicultural Caucus Video Screenings. SPE National Conference Dallas, TX March 2009

1- Forced Fields by Magsamen + Hillerbrand. Duration 3:30 minutes
2- Nosh-e Jan( Bon Appetit) by Gazelle Samizay. Duration 6:00 minutes
3- Wound by Tomiko Jones. Duration 6:00 minutes
4- Fun_Random_Sounds by Julia Bradshaw Duration: 4:00
5- Partition Revisited by Leena Jayaswal. Duration: 12:00 minutes
6- Blue No. 2 in D Major, by Shelly Flores. Duration: 5:00 minutes
7- Environmental Justice in the USA, by Tammy Cromer-Campbell. Duration: 10:00 minutes.