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UNRN Universidad Nacional de Rio Negro, Bariloche - Bolsón. Argentina (2010 - current)

Associate Professor (August 2010-present) School of Arts, UNRN Universidad Nacional De Río Negro. Argentina. Tenured full time faculty. Teaching and Research appointment. Teaching studio courses: Art and Creative Coding I (3rd year students), Art and Creative Coding II (4th year students), Video Art Installation (Experimental and Real Time Performance to 4th year students). Courses taught until 2020: Digital Media (2nd year students). Laboratory of Software (1st year students)

ARTE DIGITAL / Digital Art Class



UNR Universidad Nacional de Rosario, Rosario, SF, Argentina (2023 - current)

Digital Interactive Design.  Graduate Program in Digital Interactive Communication. Maestría en Comunicación Digital Interactiva, UNR.



UNRN Universidad Nacional de Rio Negro, Bariloche - Bolsón. Argentina (2010 - current)

VIDEO INSTALACIÓN - TIEMPO REAL / Video Installations - Real Time Art Installations Course
UNRN Universidad Nacional de Río Negro - El Bolsón, Argentina. 


Examples of sudent’s work:

Installation. Student María Mercedes Fabiano.
A sound and interactive image installation projected on to fabric.

Interactive installation. Student Fernanda Fongi Gaspari
The image of an object of fortune follows the espectator as it walks around the space

Interactive Installation. Student: Mariana Graziano
Beautiful historical photographic postcards of the town are projected and are placed on a table to get selected. As the postcardselected is placed into the mailbox a transformation of the image is activated and the image of that site becomes the location in its current contemporary state.


SMU Southern Methodist University (2008 - 2010)

Abajo, trabajos realizados en SMU - DALLAS, T, USA //. Bellow: Work done by SMU students. Dallas, TX, USA. Years 2008 -2010
Assistant Professor, de Digital Media and Experimental Video. SMU Southern Methodist University, Meadows School of the Arts, Division of Art.

Materias / Courses Taught:
Spring 2010: ASIM 4305/5305 Max/MSP Jitter Real Time Video & Sound Manipulation for Performance. ASIM 2310 Video Art. ASAG 1601 Foundations of Art. Fall 09: ASIM 2320 Art and Code. ASIM 4305/5305 Max/MSP Jitter Real Time Video & Sound Manipulation for Performance. ASIM 5302 Intermedia/Digital Arts Directed Studies. Spring 09: ASAG 1601 Foundations of Art. ASIM 3310/4310 Digital Media Workshop. ASIM 5302 Intermedia / Digital Arts Directed Studies. Classes Fall 08: ASIM 2310 Video Art. ASIM 3310/4310 Digital Media Workshop.

Piece by SMU graduate student Tawanda Chavikwa. Choreography, Sound, Technology. Performed at the Hope Theater, SMU campus, Dallas, TX on May 30th and June 1rst and 2nd, 2010.
(Graduate Thesis Concert)
This piece, utilices Max/MSP Jitter and Cyclops to generate the video and the sound composition in real time triggered by the movements of the dancers bodies captured by a hidden camera and processed via a computer backstage.

Below: work by SMU BFA student Leta Kish. Presented in the BFA graduating exhibition in the Pollock Gallery, SMU Campus on June 2nd, 2010
This piece utilices Max/MSP Jitter. When the shopping cart is pushed the old TV laying in it turns on with a video of a man shouting against homelessness at the viewer and cart pusher. A hidden computer sits on the bottom of the cart triggered by the rotation of the cart wheels: the faster the push the louder the sound and brighter the image on the TV.