Sometimes I generate a video piece that requires a special structure. I love the texture, temperature and smell of metal. I am also very attracted to cables and rubber as materials. I work moving back and forth between Super 8 film, analogue video, digital cameras and the capabilities of my computer and softwares. In the creation of my pieces, the video makes a journey between all these tools multiple times. I am very interested in the media per se and in the possibilities of their particular material distortions. Since my work aims to connect with the body directly the proximity to the image I get from film is important to me.  

Explorations with manipulation of sound synthesis on analogue video stream.
Spatial - Perceptual Video Study from a group of long studies done in October 2008 at the Experimental TV Center in Owego, New York, US, using analogue tools: a raster manipulation unit. Then brought this footage onto MAX/MSP Jitter OpenGL basic geometries to animate it on space.

Blue. Studies done in October 2006 at the Experimental TV Center in Owego, New York, US

These videos inquire into reasons and sequels of a context of fighting and hatred that constitutes the main stage where we currently live. Feelings of confusion, upset, paranoia, sadness, frustration and loss generated by the current war dominate my thoughts and emerge as I work in new art.
Digital Video Composites.

Series On War. Below: Neighbour against neighbour (Two versions), Worth, and Safe.

...’One perception immediately and directly leads to further perception’...  I am most curious about the way we perceive, the continuous of what we understand and don’t, what we remember and how, how feelings are formed and what we think real or not. I believe all my work is driven from this fascination. My curiosity includes not just us, humans, but all living species. I can only access what I think I know most or have closer to my life as a source for my work, my brain, my body and make use of my observations of other brains and bodies.

I investigate the complexity and incongruence of the system of perception and response. The work consists of film as voyage using images, afterimages, fantasy and confusion. I am interested in exploring the shape of our perception, the congruence of sensory experience and emotion, and its rational orders and disorders.

I observed that the supporting action of repetition is often obvious in children games. I expose rhythmic repetitions in the work to access a state of freedom and primal potentiality.

I am interested in the impact of this physical and emotional cycle. I find its apparent incongruence logical and universal. The loop is often present.